Wednesday, September 12, 2012

job jar

Do you have sassy children? I do. I have the ones that like to talk back.  Well, I got tired of it one day and invented our family job jar.

It's simple really.  If I feel like someone is being particularly sassy, rude or disrespectful, they get to draw a slip out of the job jar. This job is done immediately unless it is the go to bed early job which no one likes.  I included some things that just aren't very enjoyable like cleaning up other people's spaces.  I included chores that I try to do every couple of months and some that get done more often.  

Here are the jobs that are presently in our jar. 

-Clean siblings bathroom. This includes the toilet, sink, countertops and emptying the trash.
-Vacuum the living room, kitchen rug and cubby room rug.
-Dust the living room, dining room, entryway, and piano room.
-Dust your room and your sibling’s room.
-Sweep (with a broom) all of the tile in the hallways, entryway, kitchen and cubby room. 
-Clean mom’s bathroom. This includes the toilet, sink, countertop and emptying the trash.
-Clean dad’s bathroom. This includes the toilet, sink, countertop and emptying the trash.
-Dust your parent’s bedroom.
-Go to bed 15 minutes early.
-Clean the refrigerator. This includes taking all of the food out and wiping the glass and plastic down.
-Wipe down all of the baseboards with a wet paper towel.
-Vacuum the green couch, green chairs, and yellow couch in the piano room.
-Wipe all of the window sills down the a wet paper towel.
-Clean out under your bed or your closet. Mom picks.

What you will need:
a jar
scrapbook paper: optional

Open a word document or get out a piece of paper. Type or write down the jobs.  Cut into strips.  Then make a cute little lable for your jar.  I think it makes it look happier for the doom and gloom that awaits inside.  Put your label on your jar, insert your jobs.  And there you have it. Next time a kid is sassy you have an easy way to handle it.  

One of my children has done lots of these jobs where the other two haven't done quiet as many...

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