Wednesday, September 5, 2012

mozzarella grilled cheese & marinara sauce

Wow! These are so easy and so good!  Martha posted about these several years ago: Mozzarella Grilled Cheese & Marinara sauce.

I made them for the kids one day and wondered WHY I hadn't ever thought of this before. It is so delicious and so easy!  I serve them with chips or a baked french fry. Last time I served them with a cream cheese corn recipe and oh my goodness.  These are perfect for a snack or a meal.

1 package sliced mozzarella cheese
1 loaf of bread (I used my usual honey wheat)
butter or butter spread
2-3 tbl olive oil
1 jar marinara or pizza sauce

1.  Heat large skillet or pan. Then add olive oil to coat the bottom.
2.  Open jar and heat up pizza sauce in saucepan.
3.  Butter your bread on one side.
4. Place buttered bread in pan.
5. Top bread with cheese.
6.  Add second piece of bread (butter side up).
7.  Cook until a light golden brown on one side, then flip.  Should only take a couple of minutes per sandwich.

I can fit 3 sandwiches in my pan at once.  Once the sandwiches are done, ladel the sauce into a small dipping bowl. Cut your sandwiches in half.  Then enjoy dipping your mozzarella goodness into the sauce.

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